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Zero Force Switches

ActiveMetal™ Industrial Switches, Keypads and Custom Panels.
Solutions for Harsh Environments.

Texzec's Active Sensor technology uses patented techniques for localizing ultrasonic energy in solid metal plates. This solid metal construction results in an extremely rugged switch technology with no moving parts.

Texzec's ActiveMetal™ products are vandal proof, waterproof, shock and vibration resistant, and explosion proof; ideal for the harsh and hazardous environments typical of Outdoor, Industrial, Security, Medical and Military applications.

ActiveMetal™ Switch technology is available in "modular" switches, keypads, and keyboards; or can be integrated into custom bezels or panels.

Informational Kiosk - Johns Hopkins University
This outdoor Point of Information Kiosk, manufactured by Touch Controls, Inc., uses ActiveMetal™ modular switches mounted in the bezel beneath the display.

Texzec's ActiveMetal™ Switch technology is used in Touch Controls, Inc. industrial products.

Advantages of ActiveMetal™ Industrial products:

  • Shock, Impact and Vibration resistant
  • Not affected by sand and dust
  • Extended temperature range operation
  • Waterproof: Will meet NEMA 4X/IP65 and operate under water
  • Operate outdoors in any weather condition
  • Unaffected by and not a source of electromagnetic radiation
  • Intrinsically safe operation
  • Switches can be formed in almost any metal including stainless steel, brass, and aluminum
  • Switches can be formed in existing enclosures without affecting structural integrity
  • Materials and switch markings are not affected by aggressive decontamination procedures
  • Explosion proof: Can be operated in explosive environments
  • Zero force operation
  • Overlays for switch illumination and enhanced tactility are available
  • Can be integrated into display bezels or any metal, ceramic or selected plastic structures
  • Available with a variety of coating options
  • Online, real time diagnostics reporting

See more detail on Technology Advantages.


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